Statistics for International Trade Analysis


The Netherlands is a trading country. Foreign trade is of great importance to the Dutch economy. About 19% of foreign goods trade consists of agricultural products. In addition to being a major producer of agricultural products, the Netherlands is also a major processor and transit port for agricultural products. This site provides insight into these trade flows.

Developments in other parts of Europe or the world have a major impact on the international trade position of the Netherlands. For example, the success or failure of harvests, import tariffs, tariff quotas, trade agreements or barriers, sanctions and exchange rates affect export and import values and trade volume.

We have made figures for international trade in goods of the Statistics Netherlands (CBS) available for this website. In addition, trade figures from the European Union are available from the Comext database. In here, you can find figures of the European member states and their trading partners. And on a global level, figures from the United Nations (comtrade) are available. Wageningen Economic Research brings all this data together in this user-friendly portal. More agricultural figures and explanations can be found at

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